Six reasons people book a charter bus to go to Raleigh from Fayetteville

Here we list six top reasons to go to Raleigh. Fayetteville people use the RDU airport quote often, An airport transfer – the act of dropping a person off at the airport or taking arrivals to hotels or function halls – is a good reason to book the bus in advance, Bus prices flucuate and the earlier you make the reservation and book it, the less expensive it can be. When going between Cary and Clayton during rush hour in an UBER, the driver was asked about the types people are ordering in the UBER App. We want to take people where they want to go when trhey want to go. This requires research and asking a lot of questions, We want to be competiveky priced, so we have asked dozens of UBER about their bookings. Going to the airport is a popular UBER and LYFT order. A lady took an UBER trip from Raeford to CARMAX in Charlotte to pick up her car. This recently-left-the-military lady said going to Charlotte in an UBER cost the same as waiting for her $11,500 new CARMAX auto order to be shipped to her. She got the car, hooked it into the UBER platform and became a driver for UBER. She said second ride she booked was a Raeford to Wake Forest one-way order. It was a good one. Tjhe passenger was charged about $200 for the one-way.

The next ones to make the list are informed by talking to people on Hay Street downtown. The day after Thanksgiving, streets were crowded. A festival was happening, We spoke to a performance artist who goes by the brand “Silver Lady,” and she is a professional drummer and an actress. She told use she lives in Asheville and takes the bus to Raleigh and Charlotte where the gigs are. She said she needs departure times that meets her needs and that the few available are inconvenient and could cost a hotel room to stay overnight..

Number 2 is government work. People who work in goivernment offices said they are driving their cars to get there but they would rather be driven than have to do the driving and the parking. Some of the government jobs theuy go to are part time. They won’t need to go to government job offices everyday. The Number 3 reason is to visit relatives or friends or family. Number 4 is to party and go out for a concert or an off-Broadway show in Raleigh or Durham. They hit the “destination restaurants on the wayn there.” Fayetteville’s destination restaurants scene is small. The Nunmber 5 reason for a group to order transportation from Fayetteville to Raleigh NC is to go on a trip with co-workers or group associates. I will name SPORTS as the Sixth reason to charter a bus and I think you need to consider the sports arenas in Charlotte as well.

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